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Like T-shirts, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 comes in small, medium and large


On July 7, U.S. consumers will have three new Android(s goog) tablets to choose from and they’re all called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. The third iteration of Samsung’s basic tablet is offered in three size choices: 7, 8 and 10.1 inches priced at $199, $299, and $399 respectively. Pre-orders for the new tablets begin Tuesday and all three are available in either White or a new Gold Brown color.

Although Samsung has taken some heavy cues from its main competitor, Apple(s aapl), outing a Galaxy Tab 3 lineup itself is very un-Apple-like. Where Apple creates singular products – I consider the iPad and iPad mini to be distinctly different – Samsung has always offered a range of similar devices in varying sizes. Look at Samsung’s overall mobile device lineup and the „Galaxy” branding makes sense: There’s a device size for everyone in our corner of the universe.



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Attention word nerds: 13 mysteries of the vernacular, solved

TED Blog

Before a ‘clue’ became a thing that excited a detective, the word referred to a ball of yarn. So how did this shift in meaning occur? Because in Greek mythology, Ariadne threw a ball of yarn to Theseus before he entered the minotaur’s labyrinth. Theseus unrolled the yarn behind him as he traveled into the deadly maze – then used it to find his way out.

Word derivation trivia is always fun to unleash at a party. And you’ll find lots more of it in the TED-Ed series Mysteries of the Vernacular, from Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel. Each lesson in this dictionary-thumping series tells the unusual origin story of a common word. In the end, there will be 26 lessons total– one representing each letter of the alphabet.

Because the series has reached its halfway point, with 13 lessons out so far, we thought it was high time to share…

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Evolutia tehnologiei, involutia memoriei

Astazi, la serviciu, am asistat (nu pentru prima oara) la o discutie a unor studenti. Nu trag cu urechea si nu ma priveste, dar vorbeau atat de tare, incat nici daca as fi folosit dopuri de urechi nu as fi scapat de inregistrarea discutiei lor. Erau mirati ca unul dintre colegii lor a….invatat pentru examen. O studenta i-a spus: „Cum mai, toate cele 12 subiecte? WTF? Tu n-ai altceva mai bun de facut? Sa dea dracii daca mi-ar fi intrat ceva in cap!….E greu frate, nu pricep nimic! Daca nu aveam astea 3 telefoane, google si copiute, ma lasam de mult de facultate!”. Si eu stateam si-mi aduceam aminte de mine in timpul facultatii. La noi nu exista sa-ti dea subiectele, sau posibilele subiecte pentru examen. Iti preda materia. Invatai. Mergeai si la biblioteca, cereai carti pe la cunoscuti, cumparai. Si continuai sa inveti. Cei mai slabuti, mai invatau, mai faceau o copiuta, dar ceva, ceva, tot inregistrau. Noi eram mai involuati…tehnologic. Aveam calculatoare, dar nu si smartphone-uri. Asa ca ce gaseam pe internet, memoram. Ne gandeam ca daca tot ne-am inhamat, macar sa se aleaga ceva. Ei, studentii din ziua de azi, nu gandesc asa. Daca ar putea, l-ar fura si pe Dumnezeu de zile. Nici noi n-am fost usi de biserici, dar ne gandeam ca nici de ras nu se cade sa ne facem. Mergeam la petreceri, la gratare, dar sesiunea ne mobiliza. In ziua de azi, tehnologia s-a dezvoltat atat de mult, incat cei de pe bancile facultatilor sunt tentati (nu inteleg motivul) sa se fofileze si sa aiba informatia in telefon, casca, tableta, in orice, numai in cap nu. Si vor termina, pentru ca trebuie sa termine, iar dupa asta ajung la cules de capsune si se intreaba de ce e tara asta asa cum este, de ce nu au noroc, de ce nu au functii de conducere sau de ce sunt platiti prost, cand ei au, vezi doamne, o facultate. Iar cei care au avut totusi noroc de o familie instarita, ajung, prin relatii, invarteli si teancuri groase, in functii de conducere, unde calca in picioare pe altii care stiu ce fac, unde delega orice atributie, dar semneaza tot ce iese din mana subalternilor si le rad acestora in nas: „Ce sa facem? Fiecare dupa cat cunoaste!” Si atunci…la ce bun dezvoltarea tehnologica, daca mintea nu se dezvolta si ea pentru a tine pasul?

Facebook Comments Can Now Have Images in Them


Now every comment can be worth 1,000 words. As The Verge reports, Facebook is rolling out the ability to pepper your comments with images in both the desktop and mobile web versions of the popular social network.

„A new camera button is rolling out that allows users to reply to posts with a picture. It’s a simple feature, but it’s one that hasn’t been available on the social network to date,” says The Verge. One little asterisk: if you’re using the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to image-comment quite yet, though you’ll be able to view others’ comments with images in them. And one much bigger asterisk: apparently animated GIFs aren’t supported.

If you don’t have access to the feature yet, sit tight: It „will be rolling out globally today,” according to The Verge.

Facebook adding ability to post images in comments [The Verge]

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The best ways to edit and view Microsoft Office docs on your iPad


When Microsoft quietly released its own editor for Office(s MSFT) documents on the iPhone last week, it left something out: a version for the iPad. If the iPhone(s AAPL) screen is too small for you to consider viewing and editing important documents, no worries, you still have ways to do so on the larger screen of the iPad.

Office Mobile for iPhone

Here are the currently available options that will allow you to view and edit your Office documents on Apple’s tablet.

Mobile Office for iPhone, scaled up

While it is true that the existing Office app does not have a custom user interface for the iPad, the iPhone version of Microsoft’s Mobile App can be installed and run on the iPad with 2x video scaling. This may seem a little awkward at first, but you can gain access to all of the features offered on the iPhone version of the app.

Office Mobile on iPad

While the…

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Enigmele universului

Enigmele universului

 Mi se intampla uneori sa imi pun intrebari pe care unii le considera iesite din comun. Ce vina am daca sunt curioasa si nu vreau sa ma plafonez? Fiecare are slabiciunile sale. Slabiciunea mea cea mai mare este dorinta de cunoastere. Asa ca ma documentez 🙂