Follow your heart

   Never give up on your dreams. Even if it scares you, you must follow your heart. You must learn that you are important. Don`t waste your life in an unhappy, sick or useless relationship. You must learn that fear, pitty or habit does not mean love. If you come home half-hearted, if you look at your lover without feeling the need to tell him anything about your day, if you would rather be alone than with him, you must ask yourself what`s wrong. Maybe your love died, maybe he treated you wrong, maybe you feel alone or you desire someone else. Whatever the answer might be, you must change something. Learn that you are important, your feelings are important, so act like it. I know what I`m talking about. Don`t let this stand. Change your life, do what you want, ehat you need, what makes you happy, until it`s too late! Follow your heart!


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