The best ways to edit and view Microsoft Office docs on your iPad


When Microsoft quietly released its own editor for Office(s MSFT) documents on the iPhone last week, it left something out: a version for the iPad. If the iPhone(s AAPL) screen is too small for you to consider viewing and editing important documents, no worries, you still have ways to do so on the larger screen of the iPad.

Office Mobile for iPhone

Here are the currently available options that will allow you to view and edit your Office documents on Apple’s tablet.

Mobile Office for iPhone, scaled up

While it is true that the existing Office app does not have a custom user interface for the iPad, the iPhone version of Microsoft’s Mobile App can be installed and run on the iPad with 2x video scaling. This may seem a little awkward at first, but you can gain access to all of the features offered on the iPhone version of the app.

Office Mobile on iPad

While the…

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